There’s a new study out showing that the average adult now spends more than 8 hours a day using electronic gadgets, and all that time surfing, texting, and watching videos is causing a new form of technology addiction called “techno-brain burnout.” 

The most common signs that you’re addicted include if you feel irritable or distracted after being online, or if you have trouble socializing. So, how can you conquer techno-brain burnout? Here are some tips recommended by psychiatrist Dr. Gary Small: 
  • The first one may sound obvious: Plan a “gadget fast.” In other words, plan some quiet time into each day where you silence all your gadgets, turn off the phone, and disable any alerts. By creating a quiet environment, even for just an hour, Dr. Small says you’ll lower your technology-related stress.

  • Also: Live in the moment. Dr. Small says have a meal without taking a picture of it and posting it to Instagram. Go to a concert without tweeting about it. There will always be time to update your social network later. But if you interrupt the event to put it online, you’ll be less engaged with what’s happening and enjoy it less. 

  • One more tip from Dr. Small for beating your technology addiction: Take more power naps. Because in a new Harvard study, researchers found that adding a 15-minute power nap to your day can reduce the negative impact of “techno-brain burnout.” It boils down to the fact that short naps are a proven way to restore your brain’s alertness, memory, and decision-making, while helping you regain focus and lower stress!