Attention, future college students! 

You could earn a college degree in as little as a year. New online education companies are ditching the traditional 4-year college model and instead offering speedy academic programs for a fraction of the cost.
Would you believe that instead of taking years to get a degree, you could get one in about a year! That’s because new online education companies are cropping up that allow students to earn degrees at lightning speed, and for a fraction of the cost. Online universities have been around for years. But a lot of them got a bad rep because the number of classes they offered was limited. But experts say today’s web-based schools are revamped, and the future of education.

Why? Chester Finn is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution think tank. And he compares the traditional college experience to your basic restaurant entrée – you get what you ordered, with no substitutions. But today’s web based schools are more like a buffet line……Where you pick and choose exactly what you want, and piece together your own education. That way, when you graduate, you’re 100-percent qualified to start work in your chosen field...

But critics say that’s the biggest problem with online schools. College is when you should explore academic subjects, because it makes you well-rounded, and you may stumble into a career you might never have considered if you stuck to a narrower curriculum. But experts predict the online “buffet line” model will become the norm soon. Because with the combination of the down economy, and 4-year students running up hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt, the typical college experience doesn’t seem like a smart money move anymore.