Are you a vegan? You're not alone. Everyone from soccer moms to pro athletes are hopping on the bandwagon, sticking to the strict no-animal diet. According to The Washington Post, the trend is so popular that for the first time, you can find vegan food everywhere, from your local grocery store, to chain restaurants, like Soup Plantation. There are so many vegan cookbooks out now that they're starting to appeal to niche markets, like vegan soul food and vegan Latin cuisine.

Even though supporters say vegan food is the healthiest option for your body, doctors warn, if you don't take precautions, it could but especially children. That's because they have higher nutrient requirements than adults - and need to load up on nutrient-rich food at every meal to grow properly. Supplements don't always help - often the body absorbs vitamins and minerals best through food.

So if you want to go vegan, experts say you need to work on a diet plan and check in routinely with a dietician. That way, you'll be closely monitored for the slightest sign of dangerous side effects, and your diet can be readjusted as necessary. If you want to ease your way into the vegan lifestyle, consider the smart phone NutriSleuth app. It costs $5, and you simply enter in your family's diet restrictions. Say, your daughter's a vegan. Then, you scan an item's bar code with your cell phone camera. Bam. It instantly tells you if it's vegan-approved.