You’re overloaded, frantic, and frustrated. Each day it seems like your to-do list grows at Superman speed; it takes all your energy just to keep up. So, how can you keep from running yourself ragged? Here are some helpful tips, courtesy of Bottom Line Women’s Health.

  • Turn “I must” into “I want.” Dr. Judy Kuriansky is a clinical psychologist at Columbia University Teacher’s College and author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to a Healthy Relationship. She says to feel in control rather than overwhelmed, remember – you usually have a choice. You might like to knit your new niece a sweater, but you don’t have to. So think about what you WANT to do and turn your to-do list into an “I want to-do list.” If it’s not something you must do, or want to do, take it off your list altogether.
  • Focus on one task at a time. When you’re bombarded by obligations, your brain freezes. You stagger from chore to chore, unable to stick with any single one. So, concentrate on your top priority task, putting all the other ones OUT of your mind. If the job is too big to finish in one day, divide it into steps. Then focus on each step, and enjoy the satisfaction that comes from completing it.
  • Stop overburdening yourself in the first place! Perhaps having a lot of things on your plate gives you a sense of importance. Or it’s a way to keep your mind occupied so you don’t dwell on something negative that’s happening in your life. Do this: try journaling about what’s happening until your motives for jam-packing your day are clear. Then look for other ways to fulfill those needs – ways that aren’t so taxing on your energy levels. You may realize that it’s enough to be president of the PTA - rather than president of the PTA, the Homeowner’s Association AND carpool coordinator. Or, you could realize that sharing an emotional problem with a friend brings more relief than burying it in busyness.