According to experts in positive psychology, 60% of happiness is determined by our genetics and environment, the remaining 40% of our happiness is up to us. So here and now, we’ve rounded up a list of habits supremely happy people have in common, that anyone can follow:

  • Psychologist Dr. Peter Kramer says happy people are resilient. They know how to bounce back from failure, because they understand that it’s just a part of life. So instead of getting down every time there’s a setback, happy people look at what they can learn from their mistakes. They’re also more aware of the silver lining that often comes as a result of going through tough times. As the Japanese proverb goes, “Fall seven times and stand up eight.”

  • They get into a “flow.” When you’re immersed in an activity that’s simultaneously challenging, invigorating and meaningful, you experience a joyful state that psychologists call “flow. It’s the type of activity where you lose track of time. Scientists say, when we have a sense of “flow,” we feel more engaged with what we’re doing – and feel a bigger sense of accomplishment when we finish.

  • Happy people value a good mix tape. Because research shows that listening to music can lower our stress, and improve our mood, as effectively as an hour-long massage. And the more uplifting the music, the happier our mood will be.

  • They skip the small talk. Surveys show that one of the top regrets people have when they’re dying is that they wish they’d had more courage to express their true feelings. That’s why psychologists say, shooting the breeze is okay on occasion – but we should focus on having more important, meaningful conversations. Because the more substantial conversations we have, the more connected we feel to others.