Wanna be more productive at work? Try these tips from management consultant and executive coach, Steve Tobak.  

First of all, he says we need to stop complaining about how little time we have to get things done and how overwhelmed we are because WE are the biggest reason our productivity is going down the tubes. We choose to get distracted by Facebook because we crave a quick hit of attention. We also spend WAY too much time emailing people because it makes us feel important to have a jam-packed inbox. Basically, we waste ridiculous amounts of time on things that don’t matter. So here’s how to take back your day:  
  • Don’t tweet while you’re at work. Executive coach Tobak says, there’s a reason we don’t drink on the job. It’s because it destroys productivity. Guess what? So does social media.  

  • You can also take your day back if you quit organizing! You don’t need to sort your email, and you don’t need to enter everything into a detailed calendar that syncs with all your devices. Those are stalling techniques. 

  • Another productivity tip: Use deadlines. Here’s what Tobak means by that: Pretend that you have to catch a flight at 2pm. If you give yourself unbreakable deadlines you’ll get more done. They force discipline. Have you ever noticed how if you have a project to do by the end of the day, it takes you all day to get it done? But if you told yourself the project had to be done by 2:00, you’d get the same amount of work done because you’d be more disciplined. 

  • Finally, Tobak says: Learn to say “no” and never say “maybe.” Saying “no” hurts you more than the person you’re saying “no” to because you feel guilty. So start saying “no” to anything that’s not a goal, a priority, important or fun. And never say “maybe.” That’s just being controlling and self-important. You’re leaving someone else hanging and interfering with their productivity.