These days, taking a vacation from our social networking sites may be just as important as taking a vacation from our jobs. That’s because spending so much time online is burning us out. According to two different surveys, over half of workers said they desperately need to get away from their bosses, coworkers and jammed copy machines. But the same number of people report feeling overwhelmed by their Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn pages. 

And get this: A third of those surveyed were afraid that taking a vacation could hurt them at work, making them seem less like a team player and raising their risk of getting the ax. But twice as many people said they felt anxious about taking a social-media vacation because they were afraid they’d miss important status updates. 
What’s the take-home message? Even though we think of work as a “real life” activity that causes burnout, our virtual online lives can be even more stressful. Need proof? Three out of four people check their social-media pages when they’re on vacation. They also feel pressured to upload pictures and comments about their trip every day. So maybe what we really need is a social-media vacation while we’re on our actual vacation.