Even if your relationship is solid now, here are some surprising habits that could end it one day, according to the latest research:

  • You and your partner commute in different directions. Believe it or not, a new study found that when couples commute in opposite directions, they tend to be unhappier about their relationship than couples that commute in the same direction. Experts say it’s because we subconsciously associate our work goals with our life goals. So, even if we get along with our partner in every other way, the fact that they drive off in a different direction to work makes us feel like they don’t share our goals.
  • Your diet. Researchers at Ohio State University recently monitored couples talking after a meal. And they found that people who ate fatty foods – like burgers and fried chicken – had much higher stress levels than those who ate mostly vegetables. Experts say that’s bad news for relationships, because stress affects the way we handle important issues like money, kids, and housework. Meaning an unhealthy diet can easily trigger more arguments!
  • None of your close friends are in relationships. Statistically speaking, several studies show that people with divorced friends are almost twice as likely to become divorced themselves. And the more single people you know, the more likely you are to stay or become single! Experts say it’s because the people in our social network influence our attitudes about everything – including how we feel about relationships. So, if everyone you know is raving about the single life, you’re eventually going to want it too.