Want to eat healthier? It's easy if you chow down on a few superfood favorites of world-renowned Dr. Mehmet Oz. Here's the list of surprising foods that pack a big nutritional punch, courtesy of Dr. Oz and Natural Health magazine:

  • Leeks. They look like giant green onions. Just one leek provides half the recommended daily value of vitamin K - a nutrient so vital to bone health that people who don't have enough get osteoporosis.
  • Another surprising superfood on Dr. Oz's eat-healthy list: Horseradish. The same compound that gives horseradish its eye-watering kick can also chase viruses and bad bacteria out of your body. In fact, all cruciferous vegetables - including horseradish, broccoli and Brussels sprouts - help your liver detox your blood more quickly, and reduce your risk of all kinds of cancer.
  • Then there's the rutabaga. One large, turnip look-alike provides 300% of the recommended daily value of vitamin C. It's also loaded with compounds that have anti-tumor and antimicrobial properties, and promotes the growth and survival of brain cells.
  • One final surprisingly-good-for-you superfood: Coconut. Whether you use coconut flakes or coconut milk - when eaten in moderation, coconut can help keep your brain sharp and your body fit. Dr. Oz says that the fats in coconut are instant fuel for your brain cells. They also boost your metabolism, which can lead to weight loss.