And people from coast to coast are abandoning their hairstylists and stocking up on lemons, hoping the sun will bring out their natural highlights   for a fraction of the cost. But does this trick really work? Here's the scoop on some popular beauthy myths, courtesy of Dr. Helene R. Rozenweig from the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.
First: The sun is good for acne. This is actually TRUE. In fact, doctors once used UV light boxes to control acne. But Dr. Rozenweig says there are too many risks associated with tanning to use it as a pimple-control strategy. And in the long run, the sun can cause your skin's surface to thicken, which can clog your pores.
Next: You hair needs sunscreen. This is bogus. UV rays won't damage healthy hair. But if you've had chemical treatments, sun exposure can cause some brittleness. Your SCALP, however, is a different story. If you have light or thin hair, you're especially susceptible to skin cancer on your head. So make sure you always apply sunscreen to your part and your hairline.
Another summer beauty myth: Shaving makes your tan fade. This one is TRUE. According to Dr. Rozenweig, shaving speeds up your skin's natural exfoliating process. So any dark pigment in those top skin layers will disappear faster than if you didn't take a razor to it.
And a final beauty myth: Lemon juice can enhance your natural highlights. This is also TRUE. If you have relatively thin, dark blonde to light brown hair, lemon juice is one of the mildest, easiest and CHEAPEST ways to bring out your natural highlights   and even create some new ones! Just dip a small paintbrush into a bowl of lemon juice, paint a few strands and hit the sun for 3 hours! Covered in sunscreen, of course. But if you have dark or thick hair, don't waste your time   lemons won't work. At best, you'll end up with a lovely shade of nuclear orange.