Here's something for the guys who are hopelessly out of fashion. And let's face it, that's pretty much all of us. These are style tips from Razor magazine.

  • First, dress your age. A 45 year old man in baggy "Sean John" jeans looks ridiculous. Wear straight leg jeans in a darker wash. Same goes for hooded sweatshirts   it's one thing if you're going for an early morning jog. Otherwise, leave that look for the guys half your age.

  • Another style tip for guys - dress for your profession. If you're a trucker, you can wear a trucker hat. Only lumberjacks can wear plaid flannel. And only mechanics and plumbers can wear overalls and only while they're working.

  • You also want to dress for success. You've probably heard the saying, 'dress for the job you want, not the job you have.' It's a good rule of thumb. So if you want to move up at work, dress like the boss.

  • Can you wear a gold watch? Yes. It's not considered gaudy or tacky. Gold is "in" right now. But don't wear it with shorts and a t-shirt.

  • And one absolute style don't for guys according to the fashion experts at Razor magazine? Never wear a short sleeved shirt with a tie.