Personal stylists have never been hotter. They have their own TV shows, magazine columns and clothing lines. But they’re not just for celebrities anymore. You can now have your own personal shopper help you pick the hottest styles, all for free. Here are a few stores, websites and apps that offer complimentary personal shopper services: 

  • First: The department store Bergdorf Goodman offers personal styling service. They’ll pull outfits and accessories for you from high-end and budget-friendly designers. To book an appointment, simply email or call them with your size and measurements.

  • Then, dressing like a J.Crew model has never been easier. Simply enlist the help of J.Crew’s "Very Personal Stylists.” They’ll consult with you by email or over the phone about your sizes and style. Then, when you show up for your appointment, they’ll have a large selection waiting of clothes and accessories that match your wishlist. J.Crew personal shoppers are also available for last-minute fashion emergencies, and they can even open the store early or stay after hours to accommodate your schedule. 

  • Here’s another free personal shopper service: It’s You simply go to the website, enter your ZIP code, and choose a nearby stylist. They’ll come to your house and give you a free style assesment. They also offer add-on services. Like the two-hour “Closet Audit,” where they dissect every single article of clothing in your closet and help you decide whether to donate it or keep it, and help you find fashionable pieces to pair it with. Again, the site is

  • And, do you ever need help tracking down hard-to-find clothes? Check out the free app PS Dept, as in “Personal Shopper Department.” You message a picture of a piece of clothing and say something like, “Saw this dress online. Can you help me find it?” Then a stylist messages you where you can purchase it, and if it’s in stock. Again, the app is called PS Dept and it’s free on iTunes.