“The incredible shrinking brain” isn’t the title of a bad movie - it’s something that could literally be happening to you physically, right now!

According to a Yale University study, stress raises the levels of proteins that block the formation of new nerve connections in your brain. And chronically high levels mean less gray matter in the areas of the brain responsible for organizing thoughts, solving problems, and controlling impulsive behavior. 

But worrying about your brain shrinking will only make matters worse, because that’s just adding to your stress. 

Dr. Ronald Duman was the lead author of the study. And he says the best thing you can do is to learn to manage your stress. Regular exercise and taking a few breaks every day away from computers and phones are great ways to start. But Dr. Duman also suggests increasing your intake of Omega-3 fatty acids. Researchers at Ohio State found that a daily Omega-3 supplement cut stress levels in volunteers by 20 percent. If you need other ideas for chilling out, go to Tesh.com and type the word “stress” into the search box.