The new Steve Jobs biography sold over 350,000 copies in its first week. It details his technical achievements, but it also goes into his unconventional health habits. It turns out, he was into really restrictive diets. Well, some health experts have weighed in on his strict food habits.

  • Like eating only one or two foods for weeks at a time, like apples and carrots. Registered dietician Elisa Zied says although a diet of only apples would provide some nutrients, it has zero protein. And unlike fats and carbohydrates, protein isn’t stored in the body, so you need to eat it every day. Without the energy and amino acids you get from protein, you’re more vulnerable to injury and illness. 

  • Steve Jobs also spent time as a “fruitarian” – a faction of veganism in which you only eat fruit, seeds, and vegetables. Zied says, although that can be very healthy, without any dairy in your diet, you’re missing out on necessary fat and other nutrients. 

  • And because of his vegan diet, Steve Jobs believed his body was flushed of mucus. And because he didn’t have as much mucus, he felt he didn’t need deodorant or to shower. But just the opposite is true. When your diet lacks protein, it interferes with your body’s detoxification process, which increases body odor. 

  • Lastly, Steve Jobs would fast for long periods of time because it made him feel euphoric and he thought digestion was using up too much of his energy. But what he experienced is called ketosis. When your body starts feeding off its own fat stores to keep you going. And that’s dangerous, because when ketosis develops, you lose sodium and water from your body – which makes you weak, nauseous and extremely tired. You also risk kidney damage. 

So as much of a genius as he was, it’s best not to follow in Steve Job’s nutritional footsteps.