If you’re looking for an LTR – long term relationship – you need to weed out dates with toxic traits. So man or woman – here are the people to avoid, according to psychologist, Dr. Wendy Walsh:

  • First: Avoid money-hungry people who judge you based on your car, job, and bank account. Because if your money ever disappears, then they will, too.  

  • Then, be on the lookout for neediness warning signs. Like they defer to you for every little decision from what to wear, to where to go to dinner, to which movie to watch. Experts say it’s good that they value your opinion, but healthy relationships need balance. And making all the decision for both of you can be exhausting. 

  • Also, avoid dating nit-pickers. They don’t like the way you drive, they don’t like your friends, and they basically want to mold you into someone you’re not. But no matter how much you change to please them, it’ll never be enough. So if they think you need change, they should probably be dating someone closer to their ideal.

  • Then, steer clear of cheapos. On your first date, they obsess about the cost of everything from the gas they used to pick you up to the price of parking to how much the shrimp appetizers costs. But there’s a difference between being frugal – and being stingy. If they’re frugal, they’re careful about how they spend their money. Someone who’s stingy is withholding – nothing is ever worth the price or hassle. And that stingy attitude will spill over into being stingy with affection – stingy with compliments – and stingy with their time.

  • Another person to avoid dating: The control freak. They need to have the last word, they need to get their way, or they need to know where you are every minute you’re not together. That’s not a love relationship – that’s a boss / employee relationship. And you probably already have a boss.