What’s the latest trend among young couples in committed relationships? No, they’re not moving in together. They’re in so-called “stay-over relationships.” Which means they spend most of their time together, but still keep separate homes.

What’s going on here? Tyler Jamison is a family studies researcher at the University of Missouri. And she says that today’s twentysomethings prefer a comfortable middle ground between casual dating and a bigger commitment, like living together or getting married.

And because they have a built-in escape hatch, it removes a lot of the pressure to make things work.  Because if the relationship crumbles – there’s no argument about who has to move, or who gets to keep the dog.

The bad news is: A big percentage of couples in “stay-over relationships” end up living on the fence – often for years, without ever making a commitment to stay, or a decision to go. And experts say that living in limbo is no place for a relationship.