If you’re flying home for the holidays – or simply taking off on an adventure – it'll be more fun if you're healthy. So, here are a few tips to keep you well rested, allergy-free and even more this holiday season:

  • You’re not sleeping well. The solution is to bring a little bit of home with you. There’s no reason to leave your favorite pillow behind, especially if it helps you nod off. Also, try these fixes:

    • Stick to your usual bedtime, and don’t sleep in.

    • Lay off the caffeine after lunch. And stop drinking alcohol at least 3 hours before you go to bed. Both of these mess up your sleep cycle.

    • Also, stay busy during the day. Getting a good amount of exercise and plenty of fresh air will help your body clock cooperate.

  • You’re digestive system is out of whack. If you have trouble “going” when you’re away from home, make sure you move around enough. Sitting in an airport or in front of the TV with the family is sure to slow things down. Also, start eating high-fiber foods, like beans and grains – before your trip. And drink 6 to 8 glasses of water every day.

  • You’re allergies go berserk! Let’s say you visit Aunt Betty and she has a house full of felines that your sinuses don’t agree with. To help, move all the throw pillows, blankets and stuffed animals – whatever might be full of dander – into a closet. And if pets have been on your guest bed, strip the bedding and replace it with clean linens. Also, you can get a non-drowsy antihistamine like Claritin or Alavert to help you breathe easier. And you won’t be zonked out for the whole trip.