She's dressed in red and fur and anything else that'll help her stand out from every other bride on the planet. Here are some of the trends the Chicago Sun-Times found at the recent Bridal Market:

  • First, white is "so over". Bridal gown colors now vary from black-and-white polka-dots, to various shades of coffee, to off-white dresses with panels of red, navy-blue and apricot.
  • The trend is also toward "retro great-grandma," with lots of ruffles, and vintage brooches.
  • Crystals and bright beading are all the rage.
  • Monogramming is also in. Initials are showing up on gowns, veils, purses, shoes, gloves, hats and china.
  • Another trend in weddings is: Bridesmaid dresses a woman really would wear again. They're mostly tea-length dresses that look dinner-party-appropriate.
  • Then there's the custom bridal gowns created especially for weddings in exotic places. There are native-themed gowns for far-off beach resort weddings.

And sports-themed dresses for die-hard fans of teams like the Chicago Bulls or the Green Bay Packers.
And if that's not enough, the latest micro-trend in wedding fashion is: Crystal-embellished mink stoles, and mink-edged veils!

I bet you didn't know I was a wedding couture aficionado!