Have your kids been asking you to make spaghetti tacos for dinner? It sounds weird, but spaghetti tacos are the latest kiddie-food craze to sweep the nation. Where did the idea come from? Well, according to the New York Times, the Nickelodeon show "iCarly" is to blame. Apparently it's been a running joke on the show for a couple of years, but now, because of re-runs and the Internet, kids have started going crazy for spaghetti tacos. They're the hottest thing going on the slumber party circuit. One mom mentioned in the article says it's on the menu at every one of her daughter's parties. Another mom thought her son was joking when he asked her to make them for dinner, but when he wouldn't let up she gave in and whipped up a batch. Now she makes them for every birthday party and her son and his friends have contests to see who can eat the most. These aren't isolated incidents. Mom-blogs and cooking sites are jammed with recipes and stories. There are simple ones: just boil pasta, mix it with sauce and stick it in taco shells. Or more involved versions with home-made meat sauce or sausage and peppers. There's even a desert version using brownie mix and strawberry jam. The Spaghetti Taco Facebook fan page has more than 1,200 fans right now! Newspapers from Seattle to London have all done stories highlighting the craze. You can even find them on the menu at the famous, four-star restaurant, Del Posto in New York City. Turns out the chef there has kids who are big iCarly fans! No one is more surprised about the popularity of spaghetti tacos than the guy who came up with them in the first place, Dan Schenieder, the creator of iCarly. He says they were supposed to be gag for just one episode, and he never thought it would turn into a nationwide craze. Now the show posts pictures and videos of kids and their tacos on the show's website. Check it out at iCarly.com. Find recipes at Cooks.com. Just type spaghetti tacos in the search bar.