What’s the hottest new service spas are offering? It’s book club meet ups!

Day spas, on up to 5 star destination spas, are hosting book clubs. Why? Because it’s an inexpensive way to hook new clients and keep current ones coming back again and again. Plus, experts say if someone treks to a salon for book club, then they’re more likely to get a service done since they’re already there.

For example, the destination spa Canyon Ranch in Arizona recently started hosting author appearances – where writers host Q and A’s about their work.

And the Bliss spa chain recently launched a book club where they pick a new book every couple of months, and offer a special package for book club members. For example, a facial while listening to a recording by an author – and then offering the book in the spa’s gift shop.

And the Omni Mount Washington Resort in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire offers discounted treatments to book club members. And spa book clubs are becoming such a huge business that a lot of publishers are now making spa visits a mandatory part of an author’s promotional tour.

So why are spas and books being combined? Heather Mikesell is the editor of American Spa magazine – and she says it’s a natural fit, since spas and book clubs attract the same customer - mostly women in their 30s through 50s. It also makes spa-going more social. Instead of hiding away in a room getting a facial – which is a solo experience – you can now do it with a group of friends and have plenty to talk about. And since most book clubs meet once a month, it means spas get repeat customers.