Are you a social smoker? Someone who only smokes “a couple” of cigarettes when you meet friends for drinks? Well, you’re hurting your health more than you realize!

Researchers at the University of Montana define a social smoker is someone who smokes only in social settings, like bars, nightclubs, concerts, and sporting events. You’re not addicted, but the situation triggers you to light up. But social smoking is dangerous. Harvard Health Publications reviewed several studies on light and intermittent smoking.


The result? Health risks include clogged arteries, high blood pressure, and premature death from cardiovascular disease. As well as cancer, respiratory infections, slower recovery from injuries, increased risk of cataracts, and lower quality of life. Also, most regular smokers started out as social smokers. So, social smoking significantly increases your risk of becoming addicted.


Social smokers also usually hang out with other smokers. So, even if they’re not lighting up, they’re vulnerable to secondhand smoke. There’s no “safe” number of cigarettes you can smoke. So do your health a favor, and just say no!