Are you vain and self-obsessed? If you have a Facebook account, you might be! That’s according to a researcher who says that social networking sites – like Facebook and Twitter - have created a generation of people who are obsessed with themselves and have short attention spans.

Dr. Susan Greenfield is a professor of pharmacology at Oxford University in England, and she says the “who cares” factor of most Twitter and Facebook posts – like what you ate for breakfast - is like a child begging for attention and saying, “Mommy, look at me!” Dr. Greenfield says it’s kind of like an “identity crisis.” That’s because a lot of Facebookers feel the need to become “mini celebrities” who are constantly watched and admired by others. And the only way they can define themselves is by people knowing about them, and the only thing that counts is people “liking” or commenting on their posts, literally creating a mind-set where people worry more about what other people think, than what they think of themselves. And that can’t be good.