Want to improve your relationship? Stop following your partner on Facebook - especially if you already exchange tweets, texts and emails.

Researchers asked almost 25,000 couples about their relationship satisfaction and the methods they used to communicate with each other. 

The result: The couples who exchanged only occasional phone calls, text messages and emails tended to be the happiest. And the couples that were the unhappiest tended to use more than 5 different types of social media to stay in touch, including Twitter, Facebook, texting, I-Ms, email, and Instagram. 

Lead researcher Dr. Bernie Hogan suspects that part of the problem is the time pressure and stress of maintaining so many different threads of communication. But other studies have shown that communicating through social media lowers levels of the bonding hormone oxytocin, which means, we don’t get the same fulfilling personal connection when we communicate electronically. Also, psychologists found that people who were interacting face-to-face laughed twice as often as those who communicated online, which means, the secret to a happy marriage may be simpler than we thought: 

Spend less time using our smartphones to stay connected, and communicate more when we’re actually face to face.