The hottest new feature in homes these days are “snore rooms." As you might guess from the name, those are small, soundproof rooms where you can catch a good night’s sleep while your spouse snores loudly in the master bedroom. The rooms tend to be slightly bigger than a walk-in closet with enough space for a bed, a TV and maybe a computer desk. And most link directly to the master bedroom through a bathroom or hallway.

Believe it or not, experts say snore rooms are in demand today after a survey found that 1-in-4 married couples now sleep in separate beds. In the past, that meant that one spouse slept in a spare bedroom or on the couch.  But now more couples are asking for homes with snore rooms, so they can sleep separately, but be closer to each other.

And know this: Experts say the rooms are also popular with seniors, who have a hard time sleeping side-by-side with their spouse because of medical conditions.

Snore rooms can also be good for couples who have different work schedules.  The thinking is that you can use the smaller room to watch TV in bed and not worry about waking your spouse next door.

And home builders are marketing these new rooms with fancy terms like “dual owner suites” or “alternate master suites.” So now you know what to ask for.