Some experts say quitting smoking is as difficult as ending a heroin or cocaine habit! Fortunately, a growing number of smart phone apps are ready to help you quit. Here are some of the newest ones we’ve read about and they’re all FREE!

App #1: **Quitter**. That’s an iPhone app that counts the number of days since your last cigarette, and calculates how much money you’ve saved by NOT buying cigarettes. For most smokers that can add up to thousands of dollars a year!

The 2nd app is called: Smoke Break. That’s an Android phone app you can use to help you gradually cut back on cigarettes. It basically customizes a smoking “schedule” for you, and then awards gold, bronze, or silver stars depending on whether you meet or beat your goals.

Another Android app is: Smoker Reducer. This app works by telling you when to smoke, while slowly increasing the intervals between your cigarettes. It can also post your progress to Facebook, so your family and friends can provide support.

The last app is: Quit Now. Unlike other apps, this one adds up how much TIME you’re saving by not smoking. The thinking is that if you’re not stepping out to take cigarette breaks, then you’ve got more time for other things.