Let’s be honest, willpower isn’t the most effective way to prevent holiday weight gain. Especially with plates of cookies and tubs of leftovers everywhere you look. But a few holiday superfoods can help you start the New Year slimmer:

  • Turkey. Dr. Steven Pratt is the author of SuperFoods Prescription. And he says skinless turkey breast contain niacin, selenium and zinc - three nutrients that are essential for boosting your metabolism and increasing your calorie burn.

  • Berries. According to the Mayo Clinic, high-fiber, low-calorie treats like raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries help us feel fuller, longer. If winter berry prices give you sticker shock, go for frozen. They’re just as healthy, and have a longer shelf life.

  • Cinnamon. Research from the U.S. Department of Agriculture found that eating a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon a day controls the insulin spikes that make us crave sweets. And will make the towers of cookies and candies less tempting.

  • Nuts. Harvard University researchers found that dieters who got a third of their overall calories from the healthy fats found in nuts were more likely to avoid holiday weight gain than those who didn’t.