For a better night’s sleep, design your own at-home “deep sleep” package. That’s the name for some new services a German hotel chain recently started offering its guests and experts say the tricks being used in hotel rooms could actually help you fall asleep faster at home. Here’s how:

  • Take a 20-minute power-nap during the day. In Germany, hotel guests can choose to nap on specially designed couches, which play relaxing sounds for exactly 20 minutes. Experts say that’s the ideal nap time, because research shows it’s just long enough for us to get rest without waking up feeling groggy. In fact, a study found that jet pilots were 54% more alert and happy, with sharper motor skills, after taking a 20-minute nap.

  • Sleep with an “audio pillow.” That’s a pillow, with built-in speakers, that plays what’s known as “binaural beats.” Those are low-frequency tones that play simultaneously, but slightly out-of-sync. Some research suggests that listening to binaural beats can have a calming effect on brain activity that helps enhance our focus. But you don’t need a special “pillow” to find out if it works for you. Instead, just Google the words “binaural beats” and listen for yourself.

  • Spend half an hour breathing oxygen. The German hotel offers oxygen tanks to guests, to simulate breathing thin mountain air. Because research shows that thin air widens blood vessels, and lowers blood pressure. That can put our body in a more relaxed state, which is ideal for sleep.