What’s the hottest trend in weight loss these days? It’s a colon cleanse. But they aren’t as safe as you think.

A record number of North Americans are ordering colon cleanse supplements online for about $20 a box.  And others are paying hundreds of dollars for cleanses at a health spa, which involves flushing over 60 liters of water through your large intestine. Supporters claim the cleanse removes toxins from your body and help you lose weight. In fact, reality TV star Kim Kardashian says she lost 15 pounds by taking colon cleanse supplements. But a shocking new report found that all colon cleanses have dangerous side effects.

Researchers at Georgetown University analyzed data on colon cleanse patients from the past decade. The result? Researchers found zero proof that cleanses have any health benefits. And actually, the data shows that a lot of patients experience life-threatening side effects, including kidney failure, that have even led to death.

So, why are colon cleanses so dangerous? Experts say it’s because most technicians who perform colon cleanses don’t have any formal training.

The most common mistake? When the cleansing tube punctures your colon, triggering a lethal infection. Plus, flushing water through your intestine shocks your system and can cause deadly out-of-control bacteria growth.

Even worse, doctors say that colon cleanses aren’t even necessary. Because your intestines are a self-cleaning system. So, skip the cleanses and save your money and your health.