If you’re in college and you’re worried about finding a job when you graduate, I have good news: In a recent survey, almost half of employers said they couldn’t find entry-level applicants with the right skills. 

While some companies are looking for IT whiz kids, engineers, and MBAs, executive recruiter Chad Oakley says that a lot of companies desperately need employees who can work well with others, speak in front of groups, and write grammatically correct letters, which means that graduates with “soft” degrees like English, theater, and anthropology are very employable, provided they showcase those talents. 
That means: 
  • Make sure your writing skills shine in your cover letter. It should be concise, well-thought-out, and contain absolutely zero typos.  

  • Also show that you can hold your own in front of a group by listing specific classes like debate team or theater improv. And know this: Even if you’re majoring in a high-demand field like engineering, you don’t get a free pass. Developing your writing, public speaking and leadership skills will make you more valuable right out of school and will serve your career long after the ink on your diploma is dry.