Ski resorts are bending over backwards to get kids hooked on the sport! Resorts across the US and Canada are spending millions of dollars to make themselves kid-friendly.

For example, they’re hiring engineers to redesign bunny slopes, so that gravity will help kids ski at a straight, gradual pace.  That’ll help them get the knack of the sport more quickly, so they don’t get discouraged and give up.

Some ski resorts are building state-of-the-art game rooms where young skiers and snowboarders can drink hot cocoa, play videogames, and watch movies when they’re off the slopes. They’re also installing moving sidewalks all over mountain bases, so it’s easier for kids to get around in their clunky snow boots. 

Even the ski clothes are being redesigned with handles on the jacket so instructors and parents easily pick up kids who have fallen over. There’s also new chair lift technology that literally sticks kids to the seat with a magnet, reducing the chance that a kid will slip off.

So, why are ski resorts suddenly catering to kids? Because they desperately need to hook young skiers and snowboards to survive. The bulk of customers are aging baby boomers who are slowly giving up skiing and snowboarding. Meanwhile, the number of kids and teens visiting ski areas hasn’t grown in years.

Plus, experts say that once a kid gets turned off from skiing or snowboarding – maybe because they fall down too much - then usually the entire family stops the sport for good.  And ski resorts can’t afford to lose a single customer.