When you’re in a job interview, the questions you ask are just as important as the ones you answer. According to the experts, if you don’t ask a couple good, solid questions, you just handed the job to the next guy in line. So to make sure you’re ready, here are six great interview questions from the book Jobs that Matter by employment expert Heather Krasna:

  1. Ask, “What are you looking for in the ideal candidate for this position?” This gives you a chance to find out exactly what they want, AND describe how YOU fit the bill.
  2. Ask what THEY like about working for the organization. This question gives you some great insight into the culture of the place, but if the interviewer can’t come up with anything that’s a major red flag!
  3. Ask how the position became available. This will let you know if the company is expanding or if the last guy got fired. Either way, it’s valuable information.
  4. Also ask what they’d like a new hire to accomplish over the next year. This question will let you know if they have realistic expectations for the job.
  5. This is a biggie: Ask the interviewer if there’s anything about you that’s stopping them from offering you the job, anything they’d like you to clarify. This gives you the opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings or reassure the interviewer that you’re the right person for the job.
  6. Finally, ask what the next step in the process is so you’ll have some clue when they’ll get back to you, and ask for a card so you can send a thank you note.