Sitting can be deadly. Here are the latest findings about how sitting can destroy our health. 

  • #1: Every time we sit, we’re boosting our risk of developing heart disease. Researchers studied 800-thousand people and found that those who sat for four hours, or more, every day, had double the risk of chronic disease. Everything from heart disease, to diabetes, to cancer. 

  • And if you do contract cancer – a sedentary lifestyle lowers your odds of beating it. A study found that colon cancer patients who sat for six hours a day had a 36-percent higher chance of dying than those who sat less than that. Experts believe that sitting leads to problems with glucose and insulin control, which then can cause tumor growth.

  • Sitting also leads to fat build-up around your heart. UC San Diego researchers analyzed CT scans of 500 people. And found that the more time they spent sitting, the more fat was deposited around their hearts. And that can be deadly – since it raises the risk for heart disease. 

  • And sitting even hurts your kidneys – and boosts your risk of kidney disease. Researchers found that people who sat 8 hours a day had a 30-percent higher risk of developing kidney disease.

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