Let's talk again about diabetes - a lifelong disease that affects 27 million North Americans, a number that's expected to developing type 2 diabetes in half.* The next tip to control your blood sugar level: Skip fruity sports beverages! They're loaded with sugar and pack in as many calories as a can of regular soda, and can instantly destroy all the benefits of exercise. Experts say even after heavy exercise, the best drink to replenish your body fluids is plain water.* If you're diabetic, it's also important to eat every two to three hours, because it prevents your blood sugar from dropping to dangerous levels. Between meals, try snacking on pumpkin seeds. A small handful won't drive your blood sugar sky high, and they're full of magnesium - which helps fight your body's resistance to insulin.* The final tip: Track how certain foods and beverages affect your body with a glucose meter. With a simple prick of your finger, a meter will measure your blood sugar level two hours after you eat. So, you can see how you're your body is coping with diabetes. Glucose meters are available at most drug stores for less than $20.