If you’re wading into the dating pool, listen up! Here are 3 red flags that “good chemistry” could turn out to be a bad romance:

  • You’re immediately swept off your feet. Mira Kirshenbaum is the author of _Is He Mr. Right?_And she says it’s only natural for people to put their best foot forward when they start dating. But beware: If you’re both 100 percent in sync over several dates, odds are you haven’t really gotten to know each other, warts and all.

  • You had a bad breakup recently, and you’ve met the exact opposite of your ex. Couples therapist Dr. Charles Foster says that finding someone who has the qualities your old partner lacked can be very exciting - but that could also make you mistake a rebound relationship for the real thing. The fix? If you’ve had a tough breakup, take yourself off the market for 6 months. That way, you’ll have a clear head when you meet someone new.

  • Everything’s perfect! Dr. Helen Fisher is the author of Why We Love. And she says that some people are serial-daters. In other words, early in a relationship, they seem to be crazy about you - they pull out all the stops to make sure everything’s fun and super-romantic. But the moment the newness wears off, they’re gone. Unfortunately, serial heartbreakers have an edge because when we’re newly in love, our brains magnify a person’s good qualities, and minimize their flaws. So, if your new date seems too good to be true, take things slowly.