According to Michael Broder, author of the book "Can Your Relationship Be Saved?" these are subtle hints that he probably won't commit.

  • He goes from zero to 60: Guys who come on strong and then slam on the breaks when you return their affections could be too insecure to handle bona fide bonding.
  • He's only gung-ho when he gets his way. If your plans always take a back seat to his, he's not looking to build a future.
  • You haven't met his inner circle: Commitment-phobic men usually won't introduce you to family and friends. It's harder to walk away when his clan feels close.
  • And finally, your man probably won't commit if he clams up over personal things. If he never talks to you about problems with his job or family, he probably doesn't feel a close enough connection to you. It might be time to reevaluate your relationship and move on.