So you’re on a diet to shed some pounds – but that new eating plan could be messing with your sense of humor, your energy level, and your body’s natural thermostat. Here’s the low down from Women’s Health magazine.

  • If your normally toasty hands and feet start feeling like ice, you may be cutting too many calories from your diet. A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that the body temperature of people who cut 25% of their calories fell significantly. So for someone eating a 16-hundred calorie a day diet – that would only be a reduction of 400 calories a day that could make your hands and feet feel like popsicles. It’s a sign that your body is conserving calories – rather than burning them. If that’s happening to you, you should put more calories back in your diet – and burn them off with exercise instead.
  • If your eyes are getting heavy – you’re also not eating enough. Let’s say you weigh 140 pounds.  You have a resting metabolic rate of 14-hundred calories. That means, if you spent an entire day on the couch watching Law & Order re-runs, your body would still burn 14-hundred calories. On a normal day of activity, you’d probably use 2-thousand. So it’s no shocker you find yourself limping to Starbucks at 3pm if you’re eating less than that. Your body starts moving more slowly to conserve energy. You may also be skimping on iron – especially if you avoid foods like red meat and beans. And iron is essential for delivering oxygen to your body’s cells. So eat some chili for Pete’s sake. And eat enough calories to cover your Resting Metabolic Rate – I’ll post a link on Tesh .com so you can figure out what yours is.
  • And if your sour puss could give Oscar the Grouch a run for his money – you’re not eating enough carbs. Carbohydrates supply your entire body with energy – but your brain is the only organ that’s solely dependant on carbs. It stimulates the production of the happy hormone serotonin. So load yourself up on high fiber carbs like whole grains, fruit, and vegetables.