What’s a career killer? It’s staying in the same job for too long! Career experts at Monster.com say job-hopping every year or so is a red flag that you can’t commit, but you should change positions at least every 4 years! Why?

  • It’ll keep you on your “A” game. A lot of workers go on autopilot after a couple of years in the same position. And if you’re not learning new things, or taking on more responsibilities, your skills will get stale – fast! Then, when you are ready to move on, you won’t be prepared.

  • It makes you look like you aren’t ready for new challenges. A hiring manager sizes you up just like you’re on a date. So consider this: what would you think of someone who just came out of a 10-year relationship? Odds are, they’re still thinking about their old love and not ready to commit to a new one! And a hiring manager will have the same reaction. They’ll wonder, “Can you fit in with the new environment?” “Will it be hard for you to adapt to a new job?” and “What made this person leave after so long?"

  • Experts say if you don’t get a promotion within 4 years of your start date, odds are, you never will. So, look for a company where you can move up the ladder.