Here's a guide so you know which forbidden fruits can actually be good   the 3 times when you should give in to your impulses. We found this in Rodale Publishing. For example:

  • Another temptation: Playing hooky. The doctor says, do it! Sometimes you need a day off to recharge. How do you know when to play hooky? When you love your job but you start dreading going into work. However, don't use a sick day   and don't play hooky when you have an important project due. Instead, use that day off as a reward for getting your work done   and ask your supervisor for a mental health day. If they value you, they'll say yes.
  • One last temptation you should give in to: Checking your fantasy football scores at work. Or your eBay auction. The human brain can only process about 45 minutes' worth of information at a time. So a 5 to 10 minute break can actually help your productivity by refreshing your brain. That said, if you spend hours goofing off, it's time to reprioritize. Only indulge in a little online free play if you've been seriously tackling your workload and need a mental break.