Have you ever wondered what happened to the bully who picked on you in junior high school? Or what happened to the kid you bullied in school? 

The online magazine Salon decided to explore the subject. And they did an essay series where people use Facebook to track down long-ago bullies, and have a conversation about what happened. 

Like Steve Almond. He vividly remembers when his eighth-grade friend Sean suddenly became a bully, mocking him and threatening violence every day for months. He remembers being confused and crying, and feeling like a coward because he was afraid to tell his parents, siblings or teachers what was happening. Thirty years later – they had a long, in-depth conversation about it. 

To Steve, every slight and taunt was still seared into his brain. But Sean the bully didn’t remember any of it. At the time, his parents were going through a terrible divorce and he desperately wanted to impress his new friends. But for him, the family drama never ended. Sean is now married with twin 6-year-olds, but the relationship with his parents his still so strained, that his mother’s has never met his children.