Should pet abusers be registered the same way that we register sex offenders?

It’s a question at the heart of a new law that’s being considered in New York City. It would require convicted animal abusers to provide their names, addresses, and pictures for an online registry, or face jail time. That way, animal shelters and pet shops could track the abusers, and make sure they never owned animals again!

The law was proposed after a tragic case last year, where a man killed his pet Shar-Pei by throwing the dog out of a third-story window! The man was sentenced to a year in jail, but many animal activists say that’s not enough. They say having a pet abuser registry would not only protect animals, it could also protect people. by serving as, “an early warning system” for violent criminals. The thinking is that there are many cases of people who tortured animals as kids, and then grew up to become spouse abusers, or serial killer.

As a pet owner, it sounds like a great idea to me, but know this: Similar proposals for a pet abuser registry have been turned down in nine states so far. Why? According to the Animal Legal Defense Fund, it boils down to cost. Because many officials say an animal abuse registry would be expensive to set up, and to enforce.

So, what do you think? Should there be a national pet abuser registry, no matter the cost? Weigh in at