Pretty soon, having just one alcoholic drink could mean you’re legally too drunk to drive. That’s because the National Transportation Safety Board recently announced they want to lower the legal limit for drunk driving from .08 blood alcohol content to .05. It’s a move they say will save thousands of lives a year. 

Right now, a 180-pound male will typically hit the DUI threshold after 4 drinks in one hour. But under the proposed new law, he’d reach his limit after only two drinks.

And, experts say the average woman would reach the new legal limit after just one drink in an hour.

Restaurant and beverage groups have slammed the new proposal, and argue that women would be unable to drink anything at a restaurant or bar, and then get behind the wheel without risking a DUI. And that would kill their business.

But safety experts say that after Australia adopted a similar lower-alcohol-limit, drunk-driving related deaths dropped 18-percent.

And simulated driving tests have found that even having minimal amount of alcohol in your body can have huge effects. For example:

  • At .01 blood alcohol content, drivers have attention problems and drift out of their lane.

  • At .02, they show signs of drowsiness.

  • And at .04 they have problems focusing on the road and reacting.

So pretty soon, you’ll need to have a cab company on speed dial anytime you go out for happy hour.