Hey, kids: when the school bell rings this fall, you may find a new dress code in place. One that bans cutoff shorts, tank tops, pajama pants and flip-flops for teachers! Why? Because an increasing number of school administrators feel that the dress codes for teachers have gotten lax over the years, and they want teachers to follow the same dress code as students.

They point out that dressing hip is great way to help students relate to teachers. But teachers also need to be seen as authority figures. There have also been complaints from parents about everything from midriff-baring tops to excessive facial piercing among teachers. And with 19-percent of public schools now requiring student uniforms, they believe teachers should look modest and professional, too. 

Teacher dress codes now cover everything from inappropriate footwear to how much skin a blouse or a skirt should expose.  For example, leather sandals are okay, but rubber flip-flops are out. And women’s tops have to have straps at least two inches wide. At a lot of schools, teachers can no longer wear jeans, t-shirts, shorts, sneakers, sweatshirts, or sweatpants – unless they’re teaching gym.  Other bans include visible underwear, cleavage and bare midriffs, as well as blue hair, visible tattoos and excessive piercings. 

So what happens if teachers don’t follow the rules? They can be disciplined or fired. 

What do you think. Are teacher dress codes a good idea? Have you ever seen a teacher dressed inappropriately? 

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