That's what one graduate of Lehigh University in Pennsylvania has done. She's suing the school for $1.3 million because she's unhappy that she got a C+ in a class. As a result of that C, she didn't qualify for the degree she wanted. However she did graduate with a different master's degree. The $1.3 million in damages represents the money she’ll lose over the course of her career.

So why did she get the C+? Because she got a big, fat zero for classroom participation. That zero brought her grade down. To add to all this, her Dad is a professor at the University, so she attended tuition-free.

What do you think: Should students be able to sue if they didn't get the grade they felt they deserved? Aren't there other ways to fix the problem - say, by retaking the class? Or doing extra coursework? Have you ever contested a grade?