Have you ever dashed into a restaurant just to use the bathroom - without buying any food? Sometimes, when you gotta go, you gotta go! Well, that happened to one woman - who was then tracked down by the restaurant and sent a bill for using the restroom!

Patricia Barnes recently rushed into a restaurant in Tennessee and asked a woman behind the counter if she could use the bathroom. She got permission and did her business. A few days later, she received a handwritten note from the restaurant in the mail, billing her for $5 - saying their bathroom was for customers only - and they had a sign in the bathroom saying so.

The restaurant’s owner tracked Barnes down by writing down her vehicle license plate and having the sheriff trace it to its owner. What do you think: Should the restaurant have just let it go - or told her to pay before she was allowed to use the bathroom? Or is it goodwill on the part of restaurants, and other businesses, to allow people to "go"?