We've told you about the quest to get sugary sodas out of school vending machines, but now, there's another drink that's causing a problem: Chocolate milk! According to the Associated Press, the dairy industry recently launched an ad campaign that encourages people to say "yes" to chocolate milk in school cafeterias. The campaign even has a website where people can sign a petition declaring their support for chocolate milk in school. The message of the campaign is basically this: Although chocolate milk has added sugar, if the taste of that added sugar gets kids to drink nutrient-rich milk - instead of bad-for-you beverages like soda - is it really so bad?Well, some experts think that drinking chocolate milk IS bad! Marlene Schwartz is deputy director of the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale University. She feels that kids have too much sugar already, and chocolate milk has no place in schools. An eight-ounce serving of flavored milk contains about three teaspoons of added sugar, which is about HALF the amount of added sugar an adult woman should have in an entire day! The extra calories from chocolate milk could cause a student to gain up to five pounds during the school year! That's because a serving of chocolate milk can contain 40 to 60 MORE calories than a serving of regular milk. If parents are worried that kids won't drink plain milk, know this: When Schwartz studied milk consumption in some preschools where only white milk was offered, she found that those children drank it happily. Others argue that although chocolate milk has extra calories and sugar, it's a lot healthier than other sugary drinks. A serving of chocolate milk contains about a third LESS sugar than a can of soda, and has nutrients like calcium and Vitamin D.