Here’s the scenario: You’re minutes into a cross-country flight when the kid sitting behind you starts kicking your seat as the baby seated next to you starts to cry. Who would you rather kick off the plane: The kids or the parents?

According to a new report we found on MSNBC, most passengers blame the parents for bringing unruly kids on board, and not being able or willing to control or comfort them. Now, a growing number of psychologists would actually support banning those parents from flying.

Renee Mosiman is a family therapist who believes today’s parents are generally more permissive than in past generations. She says that may be why we’re seeing more children misbehaving in public – especially on planes. For example: One man interviewed by MSNBC recalls being seated next to a child who started screaming the moment his flight took off. When he politely asked the child’s mother if she could do something, she yelled back: “My perfect child can scream as much, and as long, as he wants to!” In general, experts say most parents try their best to keep their kids calm on a plane. 

The problem is the parents who continue flying with unruly children, then shrug their shoulders each time as if to say: “There’s nothing I can do.” Experts say that’s just as bad as parents who do nothing if their kids misbehave.

Carole Lieberman is a child psychologist who believes this kind of behavior is bound to get worse as planes get more crowded. She adds that a lot of the bad behavior comes from parents who are too distracted, because they’re either watching a movie, or working on a computer. 

So, is there a fix here? Some travel experts have proposed banning parents who repeatedly bring their out of control kids aboard a plane – just as they might ban passengers for bad behavior. So after three instances of disruptive behavior they’d be banned from the airline for a certain amount of time. Others have proposed creating “kid-free” seating areas or banning kids on certain flights altogether! But I want to hear what you think. Weigh in at