Are you planning to take a “Facebook vacation?”

According to a new Pew Internet survey, a whopping 61-percent of Facebook users say they’ve taken a break from the social network at some point. And by a “break,” we don’t mean they just signed off for a few hours, these are people who say they avoided Facebook for a week or more – on purpose!

And it turns out, the Facebook “vacation” trend is growing, because 1-in-4 of us say we plan to spend less time on Facebook in the coming year! Why?

  • The most common reason people give is that they’re “too busy” for social networking.

  • Others say they’re wasting too much time on the site.

  • Also, 10-percent of Facebook users say the things their friends post are boring.

  • 9-percent say there’s too much drama, gossip, and negativity on the site.

  • And get this: Some people say they’re taking a break from Facebook because they’ve realized they prefer talking to friends in “real life!”

In fact, that may be one of the best benefits of taking a Facebook vacation. According to the study, people who’ve left Facebook for a while say they feel “rejuvenated,” and have a fresh outlook on their priorities.

So, even though a lot of us feel “out of the loop” when we’re not online, a Facebook vacation helps remind us that there’s a lot about Facebook that we can live without.