What’s the secret to a happy marriage these days? Separate bedrooms. The common wisdom has been that there’s trouble in paradise if couples sleep apart. But new figures show that nearly 40-percent of couples sleep in separate beds or bedrooms, and they couldn’t be happier because it means they get a good night’s sleep. 

And science backs it up. The study had couples sleep together one night and solo the next. Researchers measured their brain waves to assess sleep quality. The result? Couples said they slept better with their partner, but their brain waves showed they were constantly awakened by their partner’s sounds or movements and never reached the deeper, more restful stages of sleep. 
And more research backs up those findings. Sleep specialist, Dr. Neil Stanley, says up to 50-percent of nightly sleep disturbances are caused by the person we share a bed with. And that’s trouble. Sleep deprivation has been linked to a higher risk of everything from heart disease to depression to relationship drama. In fact, research shows that couples who have sleep problems have a much higher divorce rate. 
But this doesn’t mean you need to split up at bedtime to keep your marriage strong. Experts say if you’re happy with your sleep quality, keep sharing a bed. But if you’re repeatedly wakened by your spouse or always feel tired even if you think you slept well, then it may be time to consider twin beds or snoozing on the couch.