Attention, senior adults! Does flying stress you out? Then you may want to consider hiring a travel companion. That’s someone specially-trained to help you get from your house, to the airport, to your final destination. It costs about $1,000. And even though it’s pricey, experts predict the trend will take off. And hiring travel companions will become the norm for older adults.

Why? Because airline travel is physically draining for a lot of seniors, who simply aren’t strong enough to lug a 50 pound suitcase around the airport terminal. And even if a loved one drops them off at the airport, they’re still on their own to figure out confusing security checkpoints, gate changes, and flight delays. Which stresses them out.

That’s where a travel companion swoops in. They pick the senior up at home, drive them to the airport, get them through security, and onto the plane. Then, once they land the travel companion collects their luggage, and drives them to their final destination, like their grandkid’s house, or 50th high school reunion.  

Already, travel companion companies are popping up from coast to coast. 

And there’s a brand new online course and certification program. But trendspotters predict the industry will get even bigger. That’s because in the next few years, nearly 75 million Baby Boomers will be hitting their 60s and 70s. And they don’t want to slow down. So, they’ll be happy to shell out $1,000 on travel companions to help them continue living the way they’re used to.

If you’re interested in hiring a travel companion for yourself, or a senior parent, experts suggest checking out the sites and