If you’re worried that your memory and reasoning skills will automatically decline as you age, relax. According to a study in the journal Lancet, today’s seniors are staying younger, longer than the seniors in previous generations. 

Researchers compared people who were 90 years old in 2001 with people who turned 90 this year. The result: Today’s seniors are twice as likely to ace brain tests that measure cognitive function. In other words, they show little or no age-related memory loss. And the researchers think there are a couple of reasons why. 
  • First, fewer people are retiring to a rocking chair. That means, seniors are getting more mental and physical exercise, which experts say helps ward off dementia.  

  • Also the healthiest seniors started taking care of themselves BEFORE they developed any physical problems. Meaning, they were more likely to eat right, quit smoking, and be socially active when they were younger, which are three things that are proven to fight mental and physical decline. In fact, those two moves are so effective at helping us age well that many of the 90-year-olds in the study were sharper than 70-year-olds who spent their middle age eating junk food on the couch.